Cinemark VR Prototype

In February 2019, I introduced virtual reality to Cinemark. I did market research, created a prototype, and presented a VR app to the stakeholders. My goals for this project were to define a consumer use case for virtual reality and to develop a high quality, photorealistic VR experience.


- Research market scope and user demand.

- Identify a consumer use case

- Watch movies in a virtual theater.

- Create a photorealistic prototype using Unreal Engine.



I chose Unreal Engine because it provided high-fidelity graphics that were ahead of the other VR theater competitors. In Unreal, I used Blueprints to display the user dashboard and play media files for movie trailers.



I presented my VR Cinemark Theater prototype to the VP of Technology and CTO. I received positive feedback; however, the business wanted to avoid streaming movies online. Without this critical technology, Cinemark VR would simply be a media player, and we did not move forward. After this project, I served as the Lead for using AR in the mobile app.