Bruce Vang - UX & UI Designer

JCPenney App Redesign

Role: UX Design Lead, Branding, Visual Design, Advertisement Design

The Challenge

The challenge was to redesign the JCPenney mobile app, which had become outdated and suffered from performance issues. The previous app relied on dated design patterns and lacked the modern functionality and features that customers had come to expect.



To kick off the project, the team identified core features and functionality that needed to be addressed.

From there, we broke down the overall redesign into smaller, more manageable chunks that could be delivered in one-week sprints. For each sprint, we focused on designing individual features or workflows, such as the product browsing experience, the shopping cart, the checkout process, and the account management section. This agile approach allowed us to quickly ideate, prototype, and get feedback on specific aspects of the user experience.



To rapidly explore ideas, we started with low-fidelity wireframes. This approach allowed us to iterate through concepts and potential solutions in a more efficient and collaborative way. Wireframes allowed us to focus on the core functionality and user flows, making it easier to identify areas for improvement or alternative approaches.


Motion Design

I introduced motion design to elevate the user experience and to add a sense of delight and satisfaction. The animations not only provided meaningful feedback and guidance, but also contributed to a more polished, cohesive aesthetic that reinforced the application's brand identity.

Description of image
Description of image

Updating the Brand

One of the key challenges for the redesign was to create a fresh, modern brand identity that would appeal to the company's target audience. To achieve this, I worked on creating a new UI design library of components, typography, and colors.


Leading the Direction for Advertisement

As the design lead, I was responsible for creating the visual assets and promotional content to support the app's rebranding. By taking ownership of these advertising and marketing deliverables, our design team was able to maintain control over the brand messaging and visual execution. This allowed us to seamlessly carry the rebrand through to the promotional materials, ensuring a cohesive experience for users from first impression to app download.


Promo Video


The results of our collaborative efforts were extremely positive. After releasing the updated JCPenney mobile app, we saw a significant improvement in user ratings and feedback. The app's average rating on the App Store jumped from 3.5 to an impressive 4.9, indicating a very high level of user satisfaction.

In their reviews, customers consistently praised the streamlined shopping experience, citing the quicker checkout process enabled by the new Apple Pay integration. They also highlighted the visual rebrand, noting that the clean, modern aesthetic made the app feel fresh and inviting.

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